About Resilient Me

Our Backstory Video

Here's the backstory to how Resilient Me came to be, and how we believe our lived experiences can help others to build resilience and overcome many stress-related issues.



How Resilient Me began...

The story of My Resilient Family began 20 years ago when its Principal and Founder, Rachel Munns, experienced a number of family members suffering mental health issues due to stress at work and at school.

Rachel asked a couple of simple questions:

Where can I go to get the right level of understanding so I can recognise and overcome the causes of stress in my own life and in my family?

What options and strategies are open to me that will actually work, and that I can sensibly fit into my busy life?

Rachel was already an experienced presenter and trainer, so used her professional and lived-experience to create ‘The Circus of Life’. This comprehensive and engaging workshop has become hugely popular in schools and businesses, and has delivered excellent benefits to all who have attended.

A follow-up workshop, ‘The Best of You’, builds on the skills learned in ‘The Circus of Life’ and has also been very successful in furthering personal development once any mental health issues have been resolved.

Rachel and her husband Tony have launched Resilient Me Online so that these proven workshops, resources and experience can be readily shared with parents and teachers around the world.

Some questions answered...

Some essential questions and answers about stress and its impact, and what you can do to help manage it.