Adult Membership

Effective, affordable, and there when you need it most

On a daily basis, each and every one of us to be able to face life’s daily and long-term stresses and challenges ourselves, and simultaneously be able to nurture and support the others in our family.

This is where Resilient Me Online comes in.

It’s like when you go through the emergency briefing on an airplane – they always tell you to put on your own oxygen mask first so you’re then able to help others.

Think of Resilient Me as that oxygen mask – making you strong and well both physically and mentally so that you are better able to help those you care for.

From just £15 a month, you can have full access to our hugely-successful workshops, a like-minded online community, and numerous other benefits. 

We look forward to seeing you!

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Through full membership of Resilient Me Online and the included ‘Circus of Life’ and ‘The Best of You’ workshops you can:

– Fully understand stress and how it manifests itself

– Take an holistic approach to reducing your own stress

– Identify and make the positive changes needed to correct any life imbalance you may have

– Develop a growth mindset that focusses on your desired outcomes

– Talk to and share your experiences with other members in our adult community (anonymously if preferred)

– Access a wealth of useful resources and information

– Hear the views of specialists and experts in parenting, mental health and wellbeing

– Benefit from a monthly group coaching webinar and discounted 1:1 coaching with founder Rachel Munns

– Be inspired by a daily positive thought