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Supporting staff, students and parents to become
more resilient, less-stressed and more successful 
Resilient Me's online workshops, resources and communities are here to help anyone fully understand, anticipate and control stress-related health issues, and so be able to build better personal resilience.
With a proper understanding and the right mindset in place, through our ongoing training and support we can then help you go on to develop other essential personal skills.

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What Resilient Me Online offers...

Proven Workshops

Delivered to 1000's of delegates across the UK and beyond

A Vibrant Community

Like-minded people who share your concerns and problems

Invaluable Resources

Free and member-only resources on a variety of mental health topics

Group and 1:1 Coaching

Included or discounted as part of every membership

Expert Interviews

Hear from those in the know that have been there, done that

Guided Meditations

Audio and visual meditations to help you focus your mind

Mental Health Mission

Start your journey to better mental health with some simple steps...

Exercise Videos

Better mental health goes hand in hand with improved fitness


How you'll benefit...

Through participation in our workshops and with the support of our coaching and communities you can expect to:

- Have a better understanding of, and be better prepared to deal with, stress and its related illnesses

- Live a happier and healthier life by making small but practical changes to your lifestyle

- Be able to recognise stress triggers and symptoms in yourself and others, and do the right things to avoid more serious issues later

- Go on to become more motivated, more confident and develop a more positive mindset


What's available...

This short video shows the course and membership options:


What our members say...

“Membership has helped me to identify and resolve many of our family’s problems”

R.T. - Basingstoke, UK

"I feel more confident about helping others and about tackling my own stresss issues"

J.N. - Brighton, UK

“Helpful and practical. Fantastic space to ‘think’ and ‘be’ when things get tough”

C.C - San Diego, U.S

Popular Workshop

The Circus of Life

Our flagship workshop, ‘The Circus of Life’, has introduced thousands of people to a whole new way of thinking about their own and other's mental health, their personal wellbeing and ongoing self-development.


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