The Mental Health Mission

The Resilient Me Mental Health Mission has been running for over six years, and has helped hundreds of people to make small lifestyle changes that have made a huge difference to their own mental health and wellbeing.

It's a simple and easy to manage personal challenge, where you choose how much or how little you take on - as even the smallest changes are beneficial. There is a downladable list of 'missions' below, or you can make up your own.

Once you've decided what you're doing then join our Facebook group and share with fellow participants. They'll support and encourage you throughout your challenge and you'll feel part of a family who are all helping themselves to better mental health.

The Mental Health Mission is something that everyone can do, and that can be as easy or as difficult as you choose to make it. The most important thing is that together we are changing our mental health for good!

How it works

From the list of daily missions (each of which is beneficial to your mental health), you can choose whether you will run one, two or three challenges together and thereby earn a bronze, silver or gold MHM award. A new habit takes 28 days to form, so each of our missions must be run for a minimum of one month to qualify. Keep them going for longer than three months and you start to get into the dizzy heights of the 'Lifestyle Change Awards'!

How to take part

1. Let Resilient Me know which MHM(s) you are taking on by joining the Resilient Mental Health Mission Facebook Group.

We will give you any information or help you need, and will publicise your mission via social media (but only if you want us to).

2. Keep us informed of your progress throughout your MHM(s) through the group or by email – the more stories or photos the better!

3. Let us know when you have completed your mission and we will celebrate with you! Not only will you be feeling better, you'll be inspiring others too and together we can improve mental health for good.