Prepare to Pass Workshop

In the words of Benjamin Franklin: “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”. Worry not though! ‘Prepare to Pass’ is the perfect preparation for mock, GCSE and A level exams.
It looks at the key areas of self-belief, organisation, reviewing and stress management all wrapped up in a powerful workshop complete with a comprehensive set of world-class revision techniques – a toolkit, if you like, that guarantees to offer something to suit everyone
Organisation, including the study / life balance and pacing, is next with a rigorous look at how to maximise the impact of every revision session to boost exam results. The workshop ends by building confidence through a range of stress-management techniques.
Key Topics • Building self-belief • Learning a range of revision tools and techniques • Organisation of self, environment and workload • The ‘little and often’ approach • Building confidence through stress management techniques.

Watch the introductory module...

To give you a flavour of the full workshop content, you can watch the opening module here.