The Best of You Workshop


Our flagship course, The Circus of Life, covers a range of topics that provide vital mental health awareness knowledge coupled with a comprehensive set of tools to build personal resilience and to promote personal wellbeing.

Once you have graduated from The Circus of Life and so are in the right mindset, ‘The Best of You’ takes you to the next level - building confidence, increasing motivation and developing your own personal leadership skills.

Inspired by leading motivational speakers and world class business
coaches, you will leave this workshop ready to work and perform at your absolute best! 

Key topics
• Key behaviours of top performers
• Understanding personal strengths and building on them
• Personal impact and communication strategies
• Building personal leadership and self-motivation
• Dealing positively with negative behaviour

The cost of this workshop will be just £29.00, and is recommended for over 18s only. This fee includes all accompanying resources.


Watch our introductory video...

Rachel Munns introduces the new Best of You workshop and gives an idea of what to expect from the full course.

If you have any questions feel free to drop us a line!